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Products for Face-to-Face Transactions

Terminals are the best choice for merchants who make a lot of face-to-face sales, such as retailers, professional service offices, hotels, and restaurants. Innovative offers some of the best rates in the industry on both new and refurbished terminals. Equipment leasing is available upon request.


IMS of Advanced Merchant Services is an independent sales agent of Innovative Merchant Solutions, LLC. Innovative Mercant Solutions, LLC is a registered agent of Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA, and JP Morgan Chase Bank, Columbus, OH. FDIC insured. Terms, conditions, pricing, features and service offerings subject to change without notice.

1. Not all existing terminals can be reprogrammed. A new purchase may be necessary. Terminals are available separately to lease or buy. Please call (866) 697-9200 for details.

2. Three months of transaction statements required. We will review your rates from your current provider and try our best to meet or beat your current rates. Call (866) 697-9200 for details.

3. PIN pad sold separately.



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