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If you'd like product sheets on any of these products, let me know.
The Talento is a multi-mid unit that will allow up to 8 different merchants to have their processing through this single machine. It also comes in a portable 900 mhz edition. It's perfect for hair salons and spas where independent contractors need their own processing capabilities.
The check image shows how a merchant can turn a paper check into an electronic deposit to their checking account eliminating bad check fees at their bank.
The Nurit 8000 is a wireless terminal that uses radio signals to give merchants the freedom to process credit cards anywhere at the best possible rates. Most popular uses are for in home businesses, swap meets, trade shows and service businesses such as plumbers or electricians.
The Omni 3750 is one of the most up to date technologies available in the marketplace today. It is made by Verifone which is the top player in the bankcard industry and has been for 20 years. It features an internal pin pad, liquid crystal display and silent thermal printer. It's also smart card ready.
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